Types of Beneficial Treatments

Paul is happy to determine the right treatment for optimum health and wellbeing, and provide a custom-tailored approach for each and every client.


Sports Massage is a special form of massage that is typically used before, during and after athletic events, however it can also be used to treat persistent troublesome areas. Depending on the needs of the athlete, a variety of techniques can be used such as repeated deep pressure application to muscles and tissues in order to encourage better circulation and eliminate muscle inflammation.


Deep tissue work is done within one's comfort level and pain tolerance. Deeper work and sports massage can be primarily on one area of the body, such as neck and back, or the treatment can be specific to an injury or area of chronic  tightness, such as Iliotibial bands and quads. Paul has provided professional treatment for many runners. triathletes, cyclists, and rowers over the past 16 years.


Relaxation massage (sometimes referred as Swedish massage) is usually a full body massage with medium to light pressure, focusing on increasing relaxation and decreasing stress. The treatment encompasses gentle, long strokes on the main muscle groups. This relaxation response can help decrease muscle soreness, headaches, and jaw tightness. The massage treatment includes soothing music and pleasant massage oils. Treatments of 30 to 90 minutes are available.


This type of massage treatment can encompass techniques from deep tissue and therapeutic massage. The main goals are to decrease pain and stiffness and increase injury repair and joint range of motion. Massage treatments can help with headaches, jaw tightness, whiplash, neck and back stiffness, nerve conditions, and carpel tunnel syndrome. If you have on an active ICBC or WCB claim please discuss this coverage with Paul.



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